Alderton Enterprises, Suite 1, 22 Morts Road, Mortdale NSW 2223

Mission, Vision & Values

Alderton Enterprises (ae) has a Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values.
An organisation needs a vision and a mission to create a playing field for all team members. The vision sets forth what we stand for and the mission is how we are going to get there. The VALUES of the business are the sidelines and quite literally the goal posts show us where to aim.



We believe we exist in this word to change lives and leave a positive lasting impact on everyone we meet.
Every team member is encouraged to make every encounter with our customers, suppliers, the community and each other, positive. Our team always tried to enrich peoples’ lives and leave them a little better for having met us.



ae is a world class organisation delivering raving fans service to our customers and client. We do this by providing extraordinary experiences, high growth and opportunities to excel, through personal and professional development, training and education.

ae delivers extraordinary experiences to our retail, online and technology customers by providing service-first experiences with industry leading products and technology.

Raving fans service – we want every customer to have such a great experience that that they want to race out and tell all their friends how great it was.

Extraordinary experiences – each and every customer experience should be better than anticipated – deliver more. Surprise and delight!

High Growth & Opportunities to Excel – our team and our clients are all exposed to many and varying forms of training, education and development. Our culture is that of always bettering yourself, and constant improvement.



ae has 13 values, which is quote a lot. Previously when we first created our values, we only had 4. As our company has grown, and so to have the level and diversity of people within the company, we have found we needed to articulate our values in more depth. Our aim is to create a culture where there is a cellular understanding of how we operate and a synergy between all team members. The values below reflect this.

Integrity – Your word is your worth; your actions are your measure.

Family – We are a family business, and employ people at all stages of life, from 14 years of age to 64 years of age. Our team members are part of families, have their own families, are getting engaged, getting married, having kids, turning 18, turning 21, turning 40 and MORE. We go through life with our team members and their family are part of our business community.

Growth – We are organisation focussed on growth – growing our team members and clients through education and growing our business to create and sustain a rich and rewarding life for all involved.

Team – One big happy family! We operate with the team goals in mind – To make the dream work, you have to make the team work!

Extraordinary Experiences – We ensure all our customer experiences are beyond expectations and blow their mind. We ensure consistency with every experience, and ensure the customer always leaves the store happy and as a raving fan.
Energy – We are alive and we want our team members to feel youthful, energetic and full of life…and infect everyone with this!

Generosity – We have a spirit of generosity in all that we do. We have had World Vision sponsor kids – one for every business, since day dot. We give tens of thousands of dollars to community groups every year, and give of our time regularly to help support local events and charitable activities. At my book launch ALL sales of books were donated to the St George Medical Research Fund.

Make It Happen – No excuses, just make it happen. When we come across an obstacle, that at first look seems challenging, we always respond with – just make it happen! And you know what…it ALWAYS does with that attitude.
No B.S. – Say it straight, don’t mince words, and say it how it is. Whether this be to each other or our customers. We have a culture of no B.S, and foster this with all team members.

Real – As per the above, we want to act with authenticity and keep the B.S. out.

Passion – As with energy, if we are passionate about our jobs, the customers, the tasks at hand and so on, it will show in everything we do…especially the result!

Excellence – We consider ourselves a world-class organisation. We have a standard of excellence in everything we do. Whether this be setting up a shop of a morning and wiping tables, to organising a training event or Bx-ponential. We want our clients to look at us and say “man, they are top notch…they operate like a world-class corporation.

Collaboration – Work together, the team results is more important than the individual result. We also extend this to our “competitors”. I believe in collaboration as opposed to competition. This can be seen in the many things we do, such as the letter box drop we did for our Mortdale stores last Christmas. We did a letter box drop to 25,000 homes, and advertised ALL the food businesses in the shopping village – not just our own. Together we achieve more.